Best Friends React to Stephen Sharer - TikTok Cutie Music Video!!

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You saw “Stephen Sharer - TikTok Cutie ft. Topper Guild (Official Music Video)” just went live last vlog! And music video is already #1Trending across the world! Today Stephen Sharer reacts to his best friend reactions on Tiktok Cutie music video. Donlad Dougher and Topper Guild along with girlfriend colie all come over to the Sharer Fam house and watch the Tiktok Cutie music video in an exclusive reveal! And then all of Steven Sher best friend BFF must learn the official Tiktok Cutie Music Video Dance!! And you can learn the dance too because Nick Bencivengo helps teach Stephen Sharer diy dance moves!! #TikTokCutie #MusicVideo

▶︎ Official Music Video
▶︎ Check out behind the scenes of Tiktok Cutie

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